Honeymead | Complete Dice Set

A very special dice set - a transparent amber coloured set with a whole load of unusual dice! A very unique gift or a treat for a dice goblin. Comes with an eco cotton drawstring dice bag (12x17cm) as pictured.


1 x D3 (16mm)

1 x D4 (20mm)

1 x D6 (16mm)

1 x D8 (16mm)

1 x D10 (16mm)

1 x D% (16mm)

1 x D12 (18mm)

1 x D20 (20mm)

1x D24 (22mm)

1 x D30 (25mm)

1 x D50 (30mm)

1 x D60 (35mm)

1 x D100 (45mm)